Gotta Have Uplighting: $25 per par can $50 per light bar (4hr)

The must have new wedding trend is uplighting! Get in on the action and color coordinate your event space! With LED light fixtures you can match your walls (or any other part of your event space) to your tablecloths, brides maid dresses, or anything else for that matter. The two most common forms of up lighting are LED par cans (provides a column of color) or LED light bars (covers an area with a wash of color). With LED up lighting you can cover a large area or lots of little areas with the color or colors or your choosing and LED means you don't have to worry about your guests accidentally burning themselves because they generate no heat! Event spaces can even change color throughout the night, pulse with the music or do a wide array of patterns! This package can be purchased separately or as an add-on to any event!

With uplighting

 Without uplighting