There are lots of things you need to throw a great party but out of all of them one thing stands out, great entertainment. Guests can sometimes expect a great deal from their hosts but the most common answer given when asked, “what do expect from this party?” is “ We expect to have a good time”. Nothing contributes more to having a good time then great music and entertainment. Guests want interaction and they want to know what is coming next. A DJ from More Than Entertainment knows how to provide just that! From the moment your guests arrive to the time they leave your guests will know what to expect. Let us guide them through your event as if on a guided tour. At More Than Entertainment we understand the importance of guest relations and customer service and know how to deliver! After all each guests experience is what determines the success of an event.

Some clients: I want a DJ that will play music and has some experience doing (type of event)

Our clients: I want someone who will play good music, get the people up and dancing, show them how to do a line dance if they don’t know it and make sure we are having fun. I want someone who can make all the announcements and tell our guests when it’s time for cake and even what flavors we are having. Someone who will speak to our guests on our behalf and keep the party moving so we can enjoy ourselves and not worry if everyone is having fun.

What types of events do we do? We specialize in all types of events including: Wedding ceremonies and receptions, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Birthday parties, High school proms, school dances and fundraisers, reunions, pool parties, festivals, seminars, corporate luncheons, and many more!

The Wedding Ceremony is sometimes the most important event in a person’s life. Do you really want to take a risk on your entertainment? We work with you to make sure your special day happens just the way you envisioned it. Will your guests be able to hear the minister? Will they be able to hear YOU? What songs will your family and bridal party walk in to? What will YOU walk in to? Unlike other events you won’t be counting on us to be seen and get the party going, you’ll be counting on us to make sure YOU are seen and HEARD!

Our 1 hour ceremony package is $350 and that includes its own sound system with 2 wireless lapel microphones, speaker, and turntables.

Wedding Receptions can be a lot of work but you don’t want to be working on your special day! We can help! From the grand introduction, blessing, and dinner, to cake, toasts, and special dances let us guide you through every detail so you can relax. We will get your guests up and dancing to the songs of your choice, or let us choose and really see what we can do! We want to help you create those memorable moments you will cherish forever. Your photographer can’t take pictures of a moment that doesn’t happen. Plus every event is completely customizable! Have you seen things at other wedding that might be fun? Or maybe you’ve seen some crash and burn events and want to stay away from something? It is very important to us that you get exactly what you want on your special day!

Mitzvahs and Birthdays are the time for your child to be the star of the show! Everything gets kicked off with a grand introduction followed by lots of games and activities to keep the crowd entertained and engaged. You can even add professional dancers to show you the latest moves and get even the most timid guests on the dance floor. We can even theme our activities to work with the theme of the party. Giveaways can also add to an event so let us help you find what’s hot, so your guests can take something home they will always remember!

Prom only happens once! Will your students remember it for the right reasons? Many parents and teacher worry about what happens AFTER Prom because the students leave unsatisfied! Let us help them PARTY TILL THEY’RE POOPED! With your students leaving on a high note, they’ll have a night they can remember for years to come and you’ll still be able to sleep at night! We carry all the latest songs without the bad language!

Fundraise for your school, church or social group with a Walk, Run, or Bike for Fun! Even school dances can raise funds with glow product and novelty sales! Complete with dance breaks, Crazy laps or themed laps, Sing That Song challenges, and games for young and old. Let us plan you next Fun for Funds Sake event!

Family or School reunions can be more than just catching up! Add some games or a game show and really get the flashbacks flowing. Can you imagine Grandpa getting down to the dance of his day in a “Dance off” challenge? How about that high school cheer everyone remembers coming out at dinner by surprise? Can you still remember the words from those one hit wonders? Let’s make new memories at your reunion that will last forever!

Spice up that office meeting with a game show! Include important office trivia that may otherwise get missed. Complete with physical challenges, movie trivia, music trivia, pop culture trivia, and even some “sing that song” challenges. You’ve never had this much fun at work!

At MTE we do it all so you don’t have to. Plus we play well with others! We coordinate with all of your vendors to make sure no detail gets overlooked. It’s hard to have a good time if you are worried about how your event is going. Let us take away that stress so you can have fun, face it some events are just too important to sweat the small stuff.